At Project Reality we liken ourselves to being Tribes with specialisms. We take our clients PROJECTS and turn them into a REALITY.

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Project Reality Viviane Williams

Having a company that not only works in creative design, strategy and technology is very rare but needed in the digital landscape we are living in.

Ademola Jonathan Adeyeba

Since we have been working with Project Reality team they have been adept at identifying our pain points, which were attracting new customers and audiences. They are strategic, creative, thorough and knowledgeable in Digital Marketing, which is a good combination in building trust and delivery.

Michael Kawula

Companies are faced with a lot of noise in the world of Digital Marketing. There are endless choices with many agencies’ pushing companies in a direction that isn’t in their best interest.  Sylvester looks at Digital Marketing differently.

He understands the big picture and what ultimately drives the results businesses need. He’s out to serve the business and not his own interest, which is what I truly respect about him. If you have the chance, let Sylvester look at your current marketing systems.

I’m sure you’ll see quickly what I did when speaking with him and that is he’s out to serve you and what’s best for your business.

Michael Kawula, Small Business TakeOff & Turnaround Specialist | Chief Evangelist @SalesRocket A Unique B2B Outreach Tool
Sue Garland

Sylvester is measured and highly methodical in addressing project challenges to come up with the appropriate solutions. He engages across the business with colleagues to build consensus and is a highly intelligent team player. He is also aware of protecting companies against risk to reputation.

Sue Garland, Marketing & Communications Consultant

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